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JS Sports Massage Therapy

HELLO and WELCOME to JS sports massage website.... I am based in Poole and I provide a mobile service covering East Dorset, including Bournemouth, Wimborne and Ferndown. I also run a clinic at the Junction Leisure Centre in Broadstone every Tuesday from 5pm until 9pm. I am very passionate about Sports and Remedial massage therapy. As a keen mountain biker I am acutely aware of its benefits to keep your body in tip top condition. I must STRESS unlike the name suggests Sports Massage is for ANYONE at ANYTIME!! You DON'T need to be an ATHLETE to feel the BENEFITS..

Caveman Posture

We are now spending much longer periods of time sat at our desks which causes postural problems and areas of tension throughout the body. These occupational hazards benefit hugely from sports and remedial massage. When you first come to see me I will do a full postural assessment and a series of muscle tests to check for any imbalances in your body.

Improves posture

Maintain the entire body in better physical condition. Restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system

Boost athletic performance & endurance

By improving flexibility and mobility in the soft tissues ensures a consistent training schedule is maintained. Further increasing the quality of training.

Helps to combat stress

Through the reduction of tension in the body helps to combat stress and sleeping difficulties which can ultimately lead to overuse, further injuries or illness

Restores mobility to injured tissue

Helps to reduces swelling and inflammation, helps to rehabilitate the soft tissues and breaks down scar tissue

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Sports massage is geared toward healing of sports related injuries or pains. It is definitely not intended to put you to sleep. It’s usually quite rigorous and is focused on parts of the body and muscles that are stressed and over extended or are aggravated from repetitive use or poor posture.

It is this overuse that may often create problems and imbalances in the soft tissues. If these are ignored and allowed to become chronic, they will not only hinder the athlete’s rate of improvement, but also in many cases their performance may as well suffer and ultimately the athlete may be susceptible to developing more conditions that are more serious than the previous.

I am qualified in following techniques….

piriformis massage

EFFLEURAGE – Long muscle strokes which increase circulation and identify areas of tension

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE – A specialist manual therapy I use to treat and rehabilitate soft tissue and fascial tension and restrictions

NEUROMUSCULAR TECHNIQUE – Using trigger point therapy to alleviate areas of tension

MUSCLE ENERGY TECHNIQUES – Restores normal length and relieve tension and strengthen weak muscles.

SOFT TISSUE RELEASE – I use active, passive and weight bearing movements to release tension and lengthen tight muscles.

PRE AND POST EVENT MASSAGE – I am available on request at events in the surrounding area.

Pre and post massage event

Client Testimonials

... I cannot recommend Jackie highly enough

I first met Jackie through a mutual friend whilst mountain biking around 3 years ago, she's a very friendly, giggly person who is very likeable and someone you'd struggle not to like. She builds trust very quickly with new people and I've met many other people who feel exactly the same way. Her technique in her therapy massages are superb and for a slightly built lady, manages to deliver a powerful and deep tissue massage. Jackie has worked on me before each event I've done and the results feel quite magical. Without her therapies, I would not have been able to run the OCR and other running events I like doing. Her attention to detail and advice for stretching is excellent, which ultimately has enabled me to compete in the races I've entered. I have had struggled with a repetitive calf strain that Jackie has advised and helped to me to overcome, I now run differently (gait related changes) and can complete my races without the fear of recurrence. Simply put, I cannot recommend Jackie highly enough and I have absolutely no hesitation in advocating JS Sports Massage to anyone and everyone!!!!!

Sean Burchell, Wimborne

... this means my ironman training is back on track all thanks to Jackie

After over trianing (as i always do) my legs had stopped working to the point i couldnt manage a 5mile run with the lads without bailling half way around.....Jackie was able to see me and give my legs a good going over and after two days rest i ran 16miles without to much trouble...this means my ironman training is back on track all thanks to Jackie.....few more visits to get everything tip top and keep it that way

Ian Povey, Broadstone

Full Postural Assessment